Turning the Science of Communication Into an Art

With Glenn MillietEP 171

We are communicating all the time, which also means that we’re constantly trying to sell. What are the most important communication skills that will help your potential client hear you and feel heard, thereby helping you close a deal easily and effectively? Join Meny and his guest, communications expert Glenn Milliet, as they explore the science behind personal communication. They discuss the ten commandments of good communication, why communication is a science rather than an art, the importance of body language, the three reasons that salespeople fail, why every conversation needs to end with an offer, the importance of getting confirmation, what to do when your potential client isn’t convinced, and much more.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 10:00] The Foundation of Communication

• Communication is a science that becomes an art when applied consistently

• The importance of listening to understand, not just to respond

• Transformative power of effective communication in personal and professional growth

[10:01 – 20:00] The Art of Selling and Closing

• Selling is about transferring emotion and understanding the client’s desires

• The difference between selling and closing deals

• Strategies for effective selling and how to address client needs

[20:01 – 30:00] Building Trust through Communication

• The importance of building and maintaining relationships

• How trust is the ultimate foundation in both personal and business relationships

• The impact of consistency and reliability in communication

[30:01 – 40:00] Understanding Client Needs

• Mastering the art of asking the right questions to uncover client needs

• The role of empathy in understanding and addressing client concerns

• Techniques for ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty

[40:01 – 50:00] The Power of Branding and Positioning

• The significance of branding in creating a market perception

• How effective communication can enhance brand positioning

• Strategies for differentiating your brand in a competitive market

[50:01 – 54:04] Closing Segment

• The power of words

• Glenn on the fire rapid-questions

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Practical Pointers
Selling is the transfer of emotion. That means that the questions you ask at the beginning of your conversation are critical, because they expose what your listener wants to take away from the conversation. By knowing what “prize” your listener wants to get from the conversation, you don’t have to sell at all; you simply need to take that prize off your shelf and you’re ready to close.
When a client is opening up to you, listen to understand, not to respond. This means that you should not interrupt, with two exceptions: either to ask her to repeat what she said so that you can write it down, or to ask her to dive deeper into what she just said. These both show that you are listening carefully, and will help establish a relationship of trust.
Every conversation must end with an offer. It doesn’t need to be an offer that gets you money, but you have to conclude with an action item - even something like, let’s have a Zoom call next week or get coffee - or else the conversation was a waste of time.
You may have had a wonderful conversation, but does the other person actually know exactly what you want? The way to ensure that your message got through effectively is by getting a confirmation, along with receiving a verbal explanation of how the action item will be put into practice.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Glenn Milliet

Glenn Milliet is an international keynote speaker, and a Communication, Sales Closing, and Business Building Expert with close to fifty years of experience. He has worked with thousands of global business professionals from entrepreneurial start-ups to industry giants. He originally honed his skills in communication and branding to build a multi-million-dollar salon operation.

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