How to Tackle The Unique Business Leadership Challenges of 2022

With David PilchickEP 105

What’s unique about being a business owner in 2022? 

A business owner in this day and age should be someone who’s accessible to the team, empathetic to the employees’ struggles, and a catalyst to their personal and professional growth.

This week our guest is David Pilchick, the founder and owner of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply. He drops by to talk about the most important qualities of a modern-day leader. He also discusses his personal journey to becoming a successful business owner, years after dropping out of high school.

In our interview, we talk about the leadership skills that are difficult to master, yet absolutely crucial, and how exactly anyone can attain them.  Leadership in any industry can be an intimidating field, however, if we can tap into our unique selves, gain confidence, and overcome certain fears, anything is possible.

Tune in now and learn from David how to be a modern-day business owner.


Tune in now and learn from David how to be a modern-day business owner!

[00:01 – 05:41] Opening Segment

Here’s what you will learn from my interview with David Pilchick
Let’s get to know David
From dropping out of high school to being a leader as an 18-year old
His journey to building his own company
[05:42 – 10:02] Is Bootstrapping a Viable Path to Business?

The reason he needed to bootstrap his company
Why leaders should know the different kinds of employee personalities
The lessons he learned from working for a call center company
[10:03 – 20:32] The Behind-The-Scenes of Being a Business Owner

Ways that leaders can take to engage their employees
David reveals his secret in dealing with difficult situations at work
Should leaders care too much about their employees?
David gives an interesting thought
The fine line between business and personal life
A major mistake that small business owners make
[20:33 – 28:43] The Art of Delegation in Business

David tells us why the art of delegation is difficult to master
Opportunity and accountability should be given to employees
How leaders can ensure that employees do the right thing
The scary question that business owners need to answer
[28:44 – 31:51] Closing Segment

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Guest Bio
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David Pilchick

David Pilchick is the founder and owner of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply, the leading wholesale distributor of low-voltage security equipment for installers with a full line of products from 400+ manufacturers. David takes great concern for the needs of his customers and believes that it’s crucial to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for employees and vendors.

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