Scaling and Succeeding in a Creative World

With Hudi GreenbergerEP 179

Hudi Greenberger is well-known for his commercial photography, particularly in the area of food and cookware. But creating his photography studio was a process that involved growth and setbacks, failure and success.

Listen in as Meny Hoffman asks Hudi about his journey toward becoming one of the very best at what he does. Learn about how he started in this unusual field, the way he maintains his passion for work and some of the secrets of using photos effectively for online sales. You’ll also discover some of the pitfalls (as well as the benefits) of scaling, how to get the most from your employees without smothering them, what you can learn from failure, the best ways to promote you and your services, and more.


[00:01 – 08:17] The Evolution of a Photographer

Transition from music to photography driven by curiosity and creativity
Early recognition of e-commerce potential in photography
Realizing the power of high-quality images in driving sales

[08:18 – 16:01] Scaling and Its Challenges

Scaling requires learning from experience and continuous self-education
The importance of understanding business concepts like scalability
Early mistakes in scaling can provide valuable lessons for future growth

[16:02 – 24:16] Passion, Creativity, and Business

How to balance creative passion with business acumen
Necessity of adapting and learning new skills for business growth
Recognizing that passion alone isn’t enough; business strategies are crucial

[24:17 – 32:00] Managing Growth and Profit

Understanding the difference between growth and profit
Realizing the impact of a well-managed team on business success
The need for effective project management in scaling a business

[32:01 – 39:46] The Human Aspect of Business

The significance of treating employees with respect and humanity
Building a positive workplace culture for better productivity
The reciprocal nature of employer-employee relationships

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Practical Pointers
One of the best ways to maintain passion and avoid burnout is to get into the zone - but in something outside of your regular work. Hudi loves food photography, but is obsessed with woodworking and cooking at home. If you have a creative outlet that gives you joy, it will keep you fresh and keep burnout far away.
When you are using photos in order to promote your product on an e-comm site, first make sure that the photo answers your customers’ question before they ask it by highlighting the feature that makes your product unique. Second, once they’ve clicked, have numerous photos instead of just one or two, so that they’ll stay on the site longer - which makes them more likely to buy. And third, make sure that you have a picture which demonstrates the scale of the product; skipping this simple step will likely result in bad reviews and unsatisfied customers.
There are different reasons to scale your business - and the most obvious one is in order to make more money. But that’s not a guarantee; sometimes your business has grown but you’re not making any more than before. At the same time, there can be other reasons to scale, even if it won’t increase your bottom line - such as having a much more reasonable schedule even if you bring home the same size paycheck. So before your scale, make sure you know the reason that you’re doing it.
If you’re human to your employees, they’ll be human back to you. Showing your employees respect and demonstrating with actions that you’re looking out for their best interests will encourage them to do the same for you. Going the extra mile to make your workers satisfied ultimately results in their willingness to do almost anything you need.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Hudi Greenberger

is a commercial photographer specializing in food and cookware, as well as other areas of e-commerce. He runs a studio in Lakewood, New Jersey, and uses his photography to create content in order to explode a seller’s Amazon sales.

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