The Secrets of Successful Hiring and Onboarding

With Anna ShcherbynaEP 150

Hiring remote workers offers benefits both to businesses and their employees… and this can also lead to headaches and mistakes in hiring and onboarding.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Business, Anna Shcherbyna, CEO of Remotivate and an expert in helping companies recruit remote management and leadership offers practical advice to ensure that your company doesn’t waste time and money by hiring people who look and sound great – but are actually all wrong for your business.

Anna Shcherbyna has over ten years of experience in international Operations and Recruitment for major companies and online businesses. Originally from Ukraine, Anna is currently based in Barcelona and is the CEO of Remotivate – a recruitment agency that helps remote-friendly companies hire top remote Management & Leadership via an affordable done-for-you service.


[00:01 – 07:24] Opening Segment

• Anna’s experience in international operations and recruiting

How to help remote-friendly companies with top remote management and leadership
• Masterminds help entrepreneurs learn, grow, and lead by providing valuable and actionable tools

• Anna’s specialty is helping online business owners hire for leadership and management roles

[07:25 – 14:27] Exploring the Benefits of Remote First Businesses and Intentional Culture Building

• Remote work creates freedom to be able to spend time with family and have more balance in life

Candidates are more productive, engaged and work more hours
• What makes work more intentional, resulting in better results, happier people, and faster growth

• The increase in remote job postings and applicants on LinkedIn

[14:28 – 21:16] Practical Advice for Hiring Remote Employees

• Interviewing process should include a test project to assess the candidate’s capabilities

Set clear expectations and make them data-driven and time-specific for onboarding
• When hiring, interview at least two or three candidates to compare their skillsets

• Avoid making hasty decisions when desperate to hire – assess the candidate properly

[21:17 – 27:45] The Benefits of Multiple Interviews for Hiring Success

• Interview multiple candidates to ensure the right fit for your business

Have an unbiased opinion from someone else in the recruitment process
• Meny breaks down his 3-step interview process

• Research the candidate and allow them to research you and your business

[27:46 – 34:30] Tips on Structuring Interviews and Communication with Remote Employees

• Structure interviews with different goals in mind

• Have regular check-in calls with remote employees

Use time tracking to understand how much time is dedicated to different tasks
• Why you should hire an operations specialist as a business grows

[34:31 – 38:12] Closing Segment

• Start hiring sooner rather than later to avoid working 16-hour days and having a messy team

• Anna on the rapid-four questions

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Guest Bio
Person Image
Anna Shcherbyna

After having great success in the computer science and software engineering world, I moved on to online sales on marketplaces that are heavy on Data. I created overwhelming success rapidly using my previous experience writing for non-profit magazines, high-visibility ghost writer blogs, and understanding of computers and algorithms.

I now provide select Amazon consulting to brands and companies that I believe in, as well as provide software (currently many features are in beta) for E-commerce businesses to thrive. Naturally, this was the route I would go to systematize what could be systematized and help good employees do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

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