The Truth About Bravery in Entrepreneurship: Normalize Failure

With Roei YellinEP 103

Does your competitive edge serve you well? This week, our guest is Roei Yellin. Roei is a former Olympic athlete and the co-founder and CRO of 8Fig.  In our interview, he speaks about the key qualities that make up a successful entrepreneur. He goes into detail about what led him to start a company and how his athletic background and competitive mind enable him to tackle any challenge in the business world.  Most people think that being competitive is all about pushing themselves to the limit to win. But should competitiveness be at the top of our radar all the time as entrepreneurs? In this week’s episode, Roei explains that it is more complex than that. It’s not just about doing whatever it takes and burning ourselves out, it’s about gauging the playing field, knowing which move to make next, and thinking on our toes. It’s about having patience, confidence, and tact. It takes bravery to make waves, knowing that you might lose in the process. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the importance of bravery in business. 


[00:01 – 04:53] Opening Segment

Here’s a preview of our conversation with Roei Yellin
Let’s get to know Roei
From playing as an athlete to growing a startup
[04:54 – 14:54] Sports Lessons Applicable in Entrepreneurship

The sports lessons that you can apply to entrepreneurship
Roei talks about the importance of taking calculated risks
He walks us through his journey in building up his business

[14:55 – 24:10] Insights About the Startup Market

Roei gives a sneak peek about the services that his company offers
Don’t miss Roei’s interesting insights about the startup market
Are there new buying patterns in the eCommerce industry?
Roei shares his thoughts

[24:11 – 26:28] Closing Segment

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Guest Bio
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Roei Yellin

Roei Yellin is a sales, product, and marketing professional with a background as an Olympic athlete. He has decades of entrepreneurship experience as a sales expert in the Israeli startup space. Having built and launched several products and apps in recent years, Roei is passionate about taking ideas and growing them into sharp, revolutionary products that users love. He is the co-founder and CRO of 8Fig, a company that helps eCommerce sellers, with U.S. stores earning 6-figures or higher in revenue, scale rapidly without losing equity.

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