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In Case You Missed It: Highlights From LTB’s Best Season Yet

As Let’s Talk Business concludes another great season, join Meny and his producer, Scott Kahn, to review the highlights of the past six months. Together, they reminisce about their favorite guests and most meaningful moments while discussing what makes a good podcast, how listeners can get involved, and some exciting plans for LTB’s future. You won’t want to miss this celebration of Let’s Talk Business, the podcast which offers no-nonsense advice to help you learn, grow, and lead. Read more

Introducing the Let’s Talk Business Podcast!

Welcome to the Let’s Talk Business Podcast—the podcast for no-nonsense advice to help you learn, grow, and lead. Listen in as Ptex Group CEO Meny Hoffman talks to some of the world’s foremost business leaders and influencers about how they’re turning ambition into action, blunder into breakthroughs, and passion into profits. Please subscribe, rate, and enjoy the show!

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The Secret Superpower of Successful People

As a person in business, each day can feel like a new rollercoaster of experiences and emotions. One minute you’re engaged in an exciting sales call with a large potential client, the next you’re in an anxiety-filled strategy meeting. One minute you’re putting your best foot forward to deliver a presentation, and then you’re comforting your child after a hard day at school.

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