Overcoming Fear and Maximizing Potential

With Shlomo FriedmanEP 125

Many people pride themselves on communicating effectively. But they might not realize how often fear is undermining their communication, thereby harming their ability to motivate employees, deal effectively with clients, and learn from the competition. In this fascinating episode of Let’s Talk Business, Meny has a candid conversation with Shlomo Friedman, Visionary of Imperial in Lakewood, New Jersey, about how you can encourage rather than discourage, be honest rather than devious, and communicate in ways that help people reach their potential – while simultaneously making your business more successful, and your life more meaningful.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 15:48] Opening Segment

• Shlomo shares how to succeed despite fear

The importance of company culture and mindset work
• How fear can hurt your ability to communicate honestly and effectively with your employees, clients, and competitors

• Shlomo’s outlook on titles and responsibilities in corporate America

[15:49 – 32:49] How to Achieve Your Potential: Mindset, Activities & Results

• Understanding what your responsibility is and personally growing yourself are key to succeed in your business

• Why the leader’s responsibility is to help people realize their unrealized potential

• There is no way to make any change without understanding the cause of the lack of progress

To grow, one needs to have a growth mindset and believe one can achieve anything
• When the growth mindset is established, the focus shifts to practical actions that will enable growth

How to focus on the positive aspects of negative situations, and use spin to turn negative events into positives
[32:50 – 48:44] Give the Work-Life Balance You Deserve

• When we don’t have a growth mindset, we are driven by fears

• The benefits of having a growth mindset when communicating with your clients, employees, and competitors

Always let them know what you can do and how you’ll try to do it better
• How to have a work-life balance that supports your personal goals

A person’s real life is more than business, and their goal and where they want to get to is much bigger than the business
• Why your business goals should support your personal goals

[48:45 – 1:02:17] Closing Segment

• Shlomo on the rapid-fire questions

• Q&A: How to know which event to attend?

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Practical Pointers
Accountability works when it’s conveyed through clear communication and with a sense of trust. When people understand that they are encouraged to live up to their potential, they also won’t be afraid to tell you honestly what they can’t do.
Fear is a great motivator, but it destroys the possibility of having a growth mindset. Fear will keep you from praising employees, working with competitors, and being honest with clients - and in the end, you’ll lose and be miserable. Having a growth mindset, and letting go of the fear, gives you peace of mind and will give you the greatest opportunity to grow.
Everyone needs to recognize that we cannot control results; we can only control the activity that leads to results. Because that’s true, we should not get stuck when we don’t get the results we worked for; we need to focus on the activity we undertook to get there.
Improving communication starts with meeting with employees, clients, and even competition. Be ready to rate yourself about how well you listen, and admit to yourself - and to them - where you need to improve.
We need to spend a lot of time at work; that’s how the world works nowadays. But when you discover the areas within work that dovetail with your personal goals, you can ensure that your work goals and personal goals support each other.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Shlomo Friedman

Shlomo Friedman is a Partner, Executive Director, and Visionary of Imperial, a leading real estate brokerage headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey. He is renowned for his emphasis on company culture & mindset work, helping Imperial agents sell more and dream bigger through the power of training, support, & teamwork. Shlomo is also a much sought-after speaker on the topic of sales, and company culture, presenting at popular events and seminars, where he empowers high achievers to set and achieve impressive goals.

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