The Power of Positivity – for Networking, Branding, Entrepreneurship, and More

With Ramon RayEP 177

Ramon Ray is a man of high energy and positivity, and he uses these traits to inspire, empower, and teach people all about branding,  networking, and starting your business effectively. In this packed episode of Let’s Talk Business, Meny and Ramon get down to business with a fun conversation that moves from talking about the benefits of positivity (and how to become positive yourself), to some of the secrets of effective networking, to how to know if you should move into new technologies or skip them altogether – plus the way to determine if you have the personality to be an entrepreneur, the importance of a “hook” for your personal story (even if that hook is, like Ramon’s, “I was fired from the United Nations”), the decision to emphasize you or your company when you brand on social media, and much more. It’s lively and fun and you’re going to love their dynamic, so listen in and turn on the positivity!


[00:01 – 13:47] The Value of Staying Positive & Focused

Choosing positivity over negativity helps you handle challenges more effectively
Implement morning rituals like devotionals, exercise & healthy eating
Successful leaders have tremendous focus and clarity of vision
As new tech emerges, understand it before jumping on trends
Pay attention as trusted sources validate innovations

[13:48 – 24:56] Branding & Networking Strategically (personal branding)

Some founders build personal brands, others prioritize company branding
Both approaches are valid depending on your goals
Turn to people, smile and introduce yourself
Follow up online connections with in-person meetings
Build genuine relationships, not just surface-level connections

[24:57 – 30:03] Leveraging Relationships & Technology (fear of approaching those larger companies)

Leverage relationships over time as opportunities arise
Technology is undoubtedly a game-changing force
Usage and integration matters more than just acquiring tech
Tolerance for risk, persistence, self-motivation and leadership capability are key

[33:11 – 37:03] Closing Segment (because it was so powerful)

Learn about your Zone of Genius and reach out to Ramon using the links
Ramon on the rapid four questions

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Practical Pointers
The way you start your day matters. You can’t control what happens throughout the day; but if you start your day with a ritual or habit that puts you in a positive frame of mind, you’ll more easily carry that mindset with you during the rest of the day, even if the day is less than perfect.
The core elements of who you are and what you do should not change. But in order not to miss the boat when new technologies and services become available, spend a small amount of time becoming acquainted with what’s out there. That way, when you hear a deeper conversation about them from a trusted source, you’ll have enough background to decide whether this is something that’s worth moving towards, or whether you can set it aside and do something else instead.
Sometimes networking begins with a simple smile and “Hello.” When you’re on a plane, for example, introduce yourself to the person next to you and see if he’s interested in talking. Most of the time it goes nowhere - but sometimes it’s the beginning of a relationship that can pay real dividends.
We all have a story, and that story needs a hook. Just as Ramon uses the fact that he was fired from the United Nations to get people interested in who he is, find your own specific hook that will make people lean in and want to know more about you. It’s a simple step that can really help your personal branding efforts.
There are four things that characterize a successful entrepreneur: a willingness to take a risk, knowing how to “figure it out,” self motivation, and the ability to lead other people and inspire them with your vision. If you have these four characteristics, you’ll be invincible. If you don’t - and there’s no shame in this either! - you may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is an in-demand motivational speaker and event host, as well as a leading expert on personal branding and small business growth. He is the publisher of and, and is a serial entrepreneur who has started 5 businesses and sold 3 of them. Ramon founded Celebrity CEO in order to help people build their personal brand, and is known for his high energy and positivity.

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