Using Failure to Achieve Success

With Pincus SchiffEP 133

Are you afraid of failure, and is that stopping you from reaching for your dreams? If so, you’re part of a very big club – and Pincus Schiff, co-founder, and CMO of Friday and a well-regarded expert in sales understands where you’re coming from. In the process of moving from the classroom to sales and then into building a startup, Pincus has shown that we can overcome our fears, turn our weaknesses into strengths, and transform our failures into successes. Join Meny Hoffman for a fun and fascinating conversation that may change the way you think about your own limits and aspirations.


[00:01 – 14:22] Opening Segment

• Pincus shares his journey of taking the leap and finding success

How he ended up being the co-founder and CMO of Friday
• Overcoming fear and building authentic relationships

Why fear can be both a friend and an enemy
• Take small points from different sales advice to create your own strategy


[14:23 – 27:46] Overcoming Disappointment in Sales

• How to set realistic goals and adjust accordingly

Subconsciously work towards the goal by visualizing it
• Be prepared for discouragement when goals are not achieved

Expect rejection and learn from it
• People don’t reject you personally, they reject the call or service


[27:47 – 41:43] How One Salesperson Took the Leap to Build a Successful Business

• The difference between introverts and extroverts in sales

• Taking preventative measures to avoid getting “drunk” on success

• Understand not every idea is a business and economics must be taken into consideration

The pros and cons of taking a partner or investor
• Why taking a partner out of fear is a recipe for disaster


[41:44 – 55:42] Closing Segment

• Know what you want and how important it is to live the life you want before taking the leap

• Pincus on the rapid four questions

• Q&A: How should I decide if it’s worthwhile to outsource certain office tasks?

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Practical Pointers
Even if you find a sales guru whom you like, don’t just listen to his advice. Instead, listen to as many people as you can, and take something from everyone. If you listen to only one person, you’ll end up copying him - and then you’ll lose your authenticity.
Let your subconscious desires help you fulfill your goals. Put a picture of what you want to achieve - a house, a watch, something else that you would really like but can’t yet afford- on your wall, and look at it every day. By reminding yourself of why you’re working, you’ll be more likely to achieve it.
If you want to get better at sales, record your calls and role play, perhaps as often as every day. By listening to your own sales calls, and learning why you were or were not successful, you’ll refine your sales technique, understand what did and didn’t work, anticipate questions and challenges, and know better how to approach the same kind of call in the future. It’s painful, but it works.
There are good reasons to bring a partner into your business, but if it’s because you’re afraid to start on your own, that’s a recipe for disaster. There will be a time in the future where you won’t be afraid, and you’ll be stuck with a partner who’s doing the same thing as you and whom you no longer need.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Pincus Schiff

Pinchus Schiff is the co-founder and CMO of Friday, a team management platform designed to simplify life for small businesses. He has a strong background in sales and worked with hundreds of small businesses across a wide range of industries. Crucially, Pincus openly shares the struggles as well as the successes that often come along with sales and with running a startup.

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