alt Is Asking for Help a Strength or a Weakness?
By Meny Hoffman Leadership 3 min read

Do you view asking for help as a strength or as a weakness? Your answer to this question can make or break your business. By the time he came to me to ask for advice, the only thing left to do was stop the bleeding and get out. He sat across from me in my […]

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alt You 2.0: Your Update Is Now Available
By Nechama Leitner Creativity Leadership Let's Talk Business Productivity 3 min read

Much like technology that (unfortunately) is so crucial to our lives, we, too, require periodic updates to refresh our skills, knowledge, and mindset. You turn on your phone, and a familiar message flashes across the screen. It’s a request to update to the new and improved version of some app or software. You ignore it. The next […]

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alt What I Learned from My Family Trip to an Amusement Park
By Nechama Leitner Leadership 3 min read

When you create a workplace where employees buy into the company’s mission, the return on that investment is… magical. I took my family on a trip to an amusement park a few weeks ago, and like most parents, I had a vivid picture in my mind of how the day would go. I saw the […]

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alt Why Being a Perfectionist is Bad for Your Business
By Nechama Leitner Productivity 4 min read

If you’re so absorbed in trying to perfect a certain product or process in your business, then you are missing a crucial element that no business can survive without. Do you ever sit for hours (or days or months) tweaking something—a product, an email, an article, a presentation—but no matter how many times you think […]

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