Asking the Right Questions and Changing Your Story

With Ron KarrEP 147

How do you flip a switch so that your sales call will be welcomed instead of being seen as an annoying interruption? Best-selling author and coach Ron Karr say it’s all about changing your story, asking the right questions, and creating an environment that will appeal to your client’s emotions. Join him and Meny in an episode filled with practical examples to learn more.


Asking the Right Questions and Changing Your Story with Ron Karr

[00:01 – 08:02] Opening Segment

• How to eliminate risk, gain buy-in, and achieve better results faster

• Ron offers excellent tips on how to build high-performance sales cultures

• Ron’s concept of people calling themselves victims of circumstances

The way of leadership
[08:03 – 15:34] How to Make Purposeful Sales Calls and Get Better Results Faster

• People often become task-oriented instead of purpose-oriented

• What you should consider making a successful sales call

Qualify the account, decide on the best path forward, and map out the steps
• What the goal of the call should be

[15:35 – 22:56] Uncovering the Neuroscience Behind Engagement

• Exploring cortisol levels and how to create an environment for participation

Cortisone (fight or flight hormone), low cortisol (not engaged), and high cortisol (fearful).
• Before selling, create an environment for customers to want to participate

• Moving from static questions to the conversation and trust building

[22:57 – 30:02] Unlocking the Power of Empathy to Influence

• How asking questions can create trust and change reactions

The importance of creating emotional connection first
• Ask questions to understand the customer’s environment

• Discipline needed to ask questions and clarify meanings

[30:03 – 37:14] The Power of Self-Reflection with Board Meetings

• The five steps to break the sales cycle

Prospecting, first impression, qualifying, presenting, and closing
• Leaders can use the same techniques to understand what is essential to their employees

• Make sure conversations are purpose-driven and not task driven

[37:15 – 44:22] Transforming Sales with a New Conversation

• Make sure to ask questions to figure out what is going wrong

• A copier is nothing more than a communication vehicle

From selling one copier to filling in gaps with multiple copiers
• Used tenacity to try something new and learn from failures

[ 44:23 – 49:33] Closing Segment

• Keynote and field visits helped bring back 8 million in revenue

• Ron on the rapid-fire questions

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Practical Pointers
You see the world through your own story, but you need to remember that your story is made up; you can rewrite it if you don’t like it. That means that you can overcome your circumstances no matter what, because the key to success is in your mind.
Be purpose-oriented instead of task-oriented. Most of us are driven by tasks, meaning we’re taking care of the latest issue that comes up, and we lose sight of the goal ahead. By keeping the purpose in mind, and focusing on where you want to end up, you can avoid being bogged down by tasks that aren’t really necessary.
Because every sales call or meeting is an interruption, you need to create an environment where your client will want to be involved in what you’re doing. The right environment is all about triggering emotions, not revealing facts; and if the environment isn’t right, then your client will either be bored or annoyed. By talking to your client in the place that he wants to be, you’ve created an environment of trust where he’s ready and willing to hear what you have to offer.
When hiring your key staff, you need to make sure that they all have the trait of empathy. When an executive, manager or salesperson has empathy, they ask questions, and will learn about what’s important to your clients - and that will convince those clients to use your services.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Ron Karr

Ron Karr has worked with leaders on six continents to eliminate risk, gain
buy-in, and achieve better results faster with his Velocity Mindset
methodology. His presentations and advisory services have generated over
a billion dollars in incremental revenues for his clients. Ron is the author of
five books including Velocity Mindset and the bestselling Lead, Sell or Get
Out of the Way. Ron facilitates the Chief Revenue Officer Mastermind Group made
up of CEOs and VPs of high growth companies looking to build high
performance sales cultures. He also served as the 2013-2014 President of
the National Speakers Association.

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