The Businessman Who Doesn’t Think Like a Businessman

With Boruch PerlowitzEP 136

Is it possible that the best way to grow your business is to avoid being a businessperson?

It’s not typical to hear expert business advice from a game show host… but there’s nothing typical about Boruch Perlowitz. A filmmaker, game show host, teacher, pilot, and more, Boruch has carved out a unique niche in the Orthodox Jewish community as an entertainer and educator. Boruch believes that one of the secrets to his success is making sure not to think like a businessman and that his best marketing was not doing marketing at all. He has a fascinating perspective and a unique story, so don’t miss Meny’s conversation with Baruch as they discuss the kinds of marketing that work best when to prioritize quality over price, the corporate benefits that come with a positive attitude, the importance of delegating, dealing with failure, and much more.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 16:01] Opening Segment

• Making people happy is the best way to make yourself happy

• How to strengthen company culture and build collaboration

How quality time sets apart company cultures
• Gossip and negativity are the number one killers of company culture

• Why positivity is a gift that can be worked on by everyone

[16:02 – 32:10] The Benefits of Being the ‘Least Focused Businessman

• Companies that prioritize spending quality time together have a strong culture

• Doing something so good that people remarket it for you is the best marketing

• How not being a businessman can help your business grow

Willing to go above and beyond to create the best experience possible
• The importance of not focusing on generating revenue, but on creating the best movie possible

[32:11 – 47:55] Unlocking Success Through Passion and Personal Growth

• Why passion and personal growth are necessary for a business to reach your fullest potential

• How delegating tasks can help free up bandwidth and allow for more focus on creative projects

• Focus on the good, change perspective, and learn from mistakes

Validate emotions before offering a different perspective
• See mistakes as learning opportunities and chances to grow

[47:56 – 55:40] Closing Segment

• Boruch on the rapid-four rapid question

• Q&A: Is hiring family members a positive step or can it lead to disaster

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Practical Pointers
Being negative is both more natural and easier than being positive, yet companies go under when they develop a culture of negativity. So make sure that you create a positive environment - regardless of whether positivity comes naturally or whether you need to work on it - so that you can grow your business rather than undermining it.
Don’t try to get away with doing less than a great job, even if your clients won’t notice. When it comes to quality, stop thinking like a businessperson and think like an artist. When you care more about providing great service and less about the paycheck, your clients will come back again and again - and refer you to others who need your service, as well.
If you have the financial ability to delegate, do it. When you have capable people handling the tasks that take so much of your time, you free up your mental space to work in the areas where no one else can do it but you.
Going out into the world means sometimes making mistakes. Don’t let mistakes - in business or in life - lead to depression or anger. Instead, see your challenges as learning opportunities and as opportunities to grow. Remember that the greatest heroes of all time are not the people who never failed, but rather those who fell, got back up, and became better people as a result.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Boruch Perlowitz

Baruch’s films are famous for being both entertaining and educational, while also having high production values. Most of his day is devoted to his role as a game show host, where he entertains corporate and private clients in a creative and fun manner. One of the most interesting characters in the Orthodox Jewish scene, Boruch lives in New Jersey with his wife and children.

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