Whatever You Do, Don’t Call It Sales!

With Charlie HauckEP 135

Is your fear of hearing the word “No” keeping you from working with authentic leads, causing you to waste time, and leading you to self-deception about your success? What if instead you learned how to have the uncomfortable, upfront conversations that could result in disappointment – but could also lead to lucrative business relationships?

In this provocative episode of Let’s Talk Business, Meny speaks with Charlie Hauck, Founder, and President of Growth Dynamics, about how to balance self-confidence with humility, ways to avoid wasting time in the beginning – not the end – of the call, how to get more referrals, why you should never use the word “sales,” what three questions you should ask at the end of every meeting, and much more.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 16:40] Opening Segment

• Charlie’s background and story

Moving into sales and business development
• How ego and self-confidence can be confused

• Why sales conversations should be replaced with business conversations

Selling belief and trust is more important than product or service value
[16:41 – 33:05] Stop Selling and Start Prospecting

• Stop selling and have an abundant mentality

Target the right people and talk to enough people
• Deliver service beyond expectation and ask for help in growing business

Get the right decisions and respect the gift of time
• Respect the prospect by not being pushy or aggressive

[33:06 – 49:53] The Power of Trust-Based Relationships

• Truthfulness and slowing down the process leads to better outcomes

• Why success comes from referrals and introductions

Trust is key to successful referrals
• How to succeed in business development

3 essential traits and tips from Charlie
[49:54 – 54:18] Closing Segment

• Charlie in the rapid-four questions

• Q&A: Is there a secret that makes cold calling less unappealing?

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Practical Pointers
Our egos are our biggest enemies; once you start believing that you’re as good as everyone says that you are, you’re going to get into trouble. So don’t assume that you’re good at everything. Instead, know your niche, cultivate it, be the best at what you’re good at, and don’t pretend that you can do things outside your area of expertise.
Ask the potential client directly what it will take to do business together. Every business development opportunity is a test, and people forget that the buyer has the answer, not the seller. When a salesperson asks someone on his own team about how to convince a client to do business together, he’s talking to the wrong guy. Be direct with your potential client, discover if it’s possible, see if the roadblocks can be overcome, and move forward from there.
Before concluding a meeting, do three things: Review what the meeting was about, remind each other about what was agreed upon, and recap how you’re going to move forward. This allows you to leave a meeting knowing what it will take to do business together, knowing when it’s going to happen, and knowing why it’s important that it happens then.
You’re more likely to close with a client you meet through a referral than with clients you meet via cold calling. So consider making a request for a referral part of your client’s payment. Tell them that you’re going to do everything you can to help them out; and since you’re doing that instead of selling, you’re asking for them to refer you to another potential client. When the first relationship is based upon trust, they’ll be happy to help you out - and you can continue to grow your business efficiently and effectively.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Charlie Hauck

Charlie Hauck, Founder, and President of Growth Dynamics, specializes in giving senior leadership the power to raise expectations and hold people accountable for performing at the highest levels. After starting his career as a roofing contractor, he moved into sales and business development… where he failed. But that failure became his greatest teacher, and has helped him become an expert and sought-after coach and teacher, which he has been doing for the past 34 years.

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