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Bootstrapping, Delegating and Leadership with David Pilchik

A business owner in this day and age should be someone who’s accessible to the team, empathetic to the employees’ struggles, and a catalyst to their personal and professional growth.

This week our guest is David Pilchick, the founder and owner of Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply. He drops by to talk about the most important qualities of a modern-day leader. He also discusses his journey to becoming a successful business owner, years after dropping out of high school.

In our interview, we discuss the leadership skills that are difficult to master, yet absolutely crucial, and how exactly anyone can attain them. Leadership in any industry can be an intimidating field, however, if we can tap into our unique selves, gain confidence, and overcome certain fears, anything is possible. Tune in now and learn how to be a modern-day business owner from David.

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Confronting the Conflict Between Creativity and Business with Jeff Akerman

Jeff Akerman is a visionary, creative force, architect, and designer – and as the founder of RISE Architecture and numerous other design firms, he knows as well as anyone the conflict between the creative and business sides of a company. In this episode of Let’s Talk Business, Meny, and Jeff dig deeply into the question of how to bridge the inevitable gap between the number crunchers and the creative dreamers. They discuss the importance of giving your employees room to do things for themselves even as they work within your creative vision, the most important factors to consider when choosing a partner, how to engender loyalty among your staff, the benefits of profit sharing (and, perhaps even more, giving your workers a piece of the company), the ways that business and improving the world can go hand-in-hand, and much more.

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The Secret Skills of Sales with Sales Coach Menashe Friedman

Sales is what drives your business, and qualified salespeople are your lifeline. But what skills are necessary for success in sales, and can they actually be taught? In this fascinating episode of Let’s Talk Business, traveling salesman turned sales coach Menashe Friedman offers Meny the secrets that help turn regular people into dynamic and effective salesmen. Listen in as they discuss the importance of listening, the skills that drive sales success, why an emphasis on numbers may be misleading, how to transform a failed sales call into a win, why promoting your best salesman to a leadership position is often a mistake, the best way to react when you misread the room, and much more.

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The Power of Positivity – for Networking, Branding, Entrepreneurship, and More with Ramon Ray

What fuels the fire inside today’s most unstoppable entrepreneurs? Join host Meny Hoffman’s conversation with the high-energy Ramon Ray. They cover the mental shifts and focused hustle needed to drive positive entrepreneurial momentum – from skillful networking to savvy technology integration. You’ll learn Ramon’s personal tales of professional reinvention, unlocking the secrets behind risks that pay dividends. With wisdom earned from toxic career failure, Ramon ignites the entrepreneurial sky, lighting the way for future business trailblazers.

Ramon Ray is an in-demand motivational speaker and event host, as well as a leading expert on personal branding and small business growth. He is the publisher of and, and is a serial entrepreneur who has started 5 businesses and sold 3 of them. Ramon founded Celebrity CEO in order to help people build their personal brand, and is known for his high energy and positivity.

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How to Build a Leadership Bridge with Patrick Veroneau

How can leaders strengthen connections in the workplace and beyond? Host Meny Hoffman interviews leadership consultant Patrick Veroneau about his research-backed CABLES model which provides a metaphorical bridge reinforced by positive interactions.

Patrick shares the six relationship CABLES—consistency, appreciation, belongingness, (high-level) listening, empathy, and specifics. Practicing these behaviors adds cables that strengthen trust and engagement. They discuss common leadership pitfalls and how modeling desired behaviors shapes organizational culture more than stated values. Patrick also provides personal development advice on driving happiness in leaders that positively impact teams.

Patrick Veroneau is a leadership consultant who founded Emery Leadership Group in 2008. With a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, he brings over 15 years of experience across various industries. Author of “The Leadership Bridge” and a TEDx speaker, Patrick champions leadership fueled by emotional intelligence and psychological safety. He developed the CABLES model, promoting self-awareness and humanistic behaviors, to steer away from traditional command-and-control approaches. His work includes facilitating workshops and coaching, aiming to enhance engagement and excellence in leadership through the principles outlined in his book.

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Wielding Social Media’s Power for Business Growth with Louise McDonnell

Social media is a wild west that many business owners eagerly charge into, guns blazing, hoping to strike viral gold. Yet most find themselves wandering aimlessly, bleeding money and time, while seeing little results. So how do you avoid becoming another casualty?

In this episode, social media expert Louise McDonnell shares her step-by-step system for leveraging social media to drive real results and growth for your business. Learn how to lay the groundwork, define your target audience, optimize your platforms, develop an effective content strategy across pillars like awareness, expert positioning, sales, and advocacy, incorporate paid ads, and continually evaluate performance.

Louise McDonnell, a renowned social media trainer and strategist, has been working in digital marketing since the 1990s. She is the founder of SellOnSocial.Media and has published a best-selling book, the Social Media Content Planner Guide.

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Closing the Sale in a Crowded Market: The Secret of Selling your “Because” with Gerry O’Brion

What does your company do that your competitors can’t or don’t do that proves your value to customers?

Marketing expert Gerry O’Brion joins host Menny Hoffman to discuss how small businesses can break through crowded markets using lessons from big brands. In this insightful interview, Gerry explains his “Because Framework” for developing compelling and differentiated messaging that attracts the right customers.

Gerry O’Brion speaks to companies and sales teams looking to drive revenue in crowded industries during times of great change. He teaches an influential yet straightforward framework that prompts customers to choose you over all other options. Gerry is renowned for revealing the “Power of BECAUSE” – the missing element that sparks sales and propels companies beyond the sea of sameness. After years as a marketing and strategy executive building iconic brands like Tide and Coors Light, he leveraged his C-suite experience with billion-dollar companies to create a proven system for influence. Gerry’s framework enables organizations of any size to achieve the gravitas and effectiveness of leading brands through targeted strategies.

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Avoiding the Burnout Zone with Dr. Ana Melikian

People talk about burnout all the time, but they rarely know what it actually means and how it differs from normal workplace stress. Fortunately, Ana Melikian, Ph.D. has studied burnout extensively, and is ready to tell you what it is, why it matters, how you can prevent it, and the ways to treat it once you have it. Listen to this fascinating episode of Let’s Talk Business as she and Meny go over the symptoms of burnout, specific methods you can use to avoid it, what the potential costs are if you ignore it, and much more. It’s not a typical episode… but it may radically change the way you run your business as well as your life.

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