Learning to Love Sales by Loving People

With Chayale KaufmanEP 131

It’s not uncommon for businesses to initiate an advertising campaign, only to watch it fail miserably. Chayale Kaufman, a media strategist, marketing professional, and the founder of the Jewish Content Network and ConsultWrite Media, explains that companies often ignore the importance of strategy, consistency, and choosing the right media outlets and that some tweaks to the way they implement their marketing strategy can do wonders for increasing its effectiveness. In this fascinating conversation, Chayale and Meny Hoffman talk about the secret to effective sales, what it means to have a marketing strategy, achieve a work-life balance, and much more.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:31] Opening Segment

• How Chayale ended up creating the Jewish Content Network

Creating content that engages and connects with the Jewish community
• Chayale shares her career path and how she became successful in sales

Her advice for aspiring sales professionals
[07:32 – 21:17] Moving On From Sales: How One Woman Succeeded

• Why sales is an amazing opportunity that can lead to success and fulfillment

• Rejection is something that new salespeople have to learn to deal with

Salespeople need to have a strong will to overcome rejection and negativity
• What the Jewish Content Network is and what it does

Offering a solution for businesses that don’t have time or resources to create their content
Planning and budgeting for marketing campaigns
[21:18 – 34:14] Creating a Successful Marketing Campaign

• What small businesses should do to improve their branding and marketing efforts

Focusing on their LinkedIn profile, developing a personal brand, and creating a marketing budget
• Make sure to have a marketing strategy in place and track metrics to measure success

Successful campaigns have a consistent message, focus on a specific target market, and have the potential to inspire people to take action
• The importance of having a work-life balance

Set boundaries and figure out ways to make sure you’re not missing out on important aspects of your lives
[34:14 – 43:52] Closing Segment

• Q&A: How to determine the right amount to pay your employees

• Chayale on there paid four questions

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Practical Pointers
A good salesperson genuinely cares more about the client and the client’s business than the actual sale. It’s about helping them get what they need, not the sale per se. And this is not just a throwaway line; it requires a genuine attitude shift. When you truly start to think this way, you’ll be a much better salesperson.
When you have a smaller budget, consistency is key. Focus on the media channels that are free, plus an add-on layer for a targeted audience. Better that your message be strong and consistent in one or two places than sporadic and inconsistent over many. Consistency gives the impression of success.
Don’t confuse the difference between branding and marketing. Branding is positioning yourself and making sure that your core focus is clear. Marketing is getting the message out to the public. No matter how good your branding is, a failure in marketing means that no one will ever find out anything about you.
There is no magic formula for achieving a proper work-life balance. The best advice may be to be intentional about what you’re doing. Even when you need to give all of your attention to your business, let your family know that the next few days are going to be difficult. By including them in the conversation, you can encourage them to cheer you on… and they know that when those days are over, you’ll have time to put business aside and give all of your attention to them.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Chayale Kaufman

Chayale Kaufman is a veteran marketing professional and media strategist with experience spanning over 18 years and thousands of marketing campaigns. After starting as a secretary at a large newspaper and later moving into advertising, Chayale discovered a passion for marketing and a love of sales – a love which she now tries to impart to her clients, and which has helped her become a well-known expert in the Jewish advertising world. She is the founder and owner of the Jewish Content Network & ConsultWrite Media.

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