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Avoiding Mental Energy Suckers: The Secrets of Super Productivity with Shea Myski

You’ve probably heard this one before: you’re an executive with employees who constantly need your time and attention, but you also have hours of work that you need to finish as soon as possible, and the emails keep coming in, and the phone calls never stop and… by the end of the day, you feel like you actually accomplished a fraction of what needed to get done. How can you escape the trap and start being super productive?

Productivity Coach Shea Myski has seen this over and over, and is ready to share some of his biggest secrets of real productivity while saving time and mental energy. Listen in as he and Meny talk about the “Mental Energy Suckers” of choice, noise, and change, including lots of tips about how small changes can lead to big results. So if you’re ready to increase your productivity, the place to start is by cleaning your desk (yes) and listening to this enlightening conversation.

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The Gift of Exceptional Productivity with Charlie Meaden

Charlie Meaden is a unique individual; whether it’s jewelry making, gaming, or investing, he’s found a way to do it more efficiently – and more profitably – than almost anyone. His dedication to productivity goes even further, as it also guides his investment strategy and his understanding of the underlying currents that affect the economy. 

In this episode of Let’s Talk Business, Meny and Charlie discuss his adventures in business, his recent work as the co-founder and CEO of, his opinions on the future of cryptocurrency, the importance of launching a new product quickly, the difference between busy-ness and effectiveness, and much more.

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Be Productive, Have Free Time, and Reduce Stress: Rethinking Productivity with Naphtali Hoff

Be Productive, Have Free Time, and Reduce Stress: Rethinking Productivity with Naphtali Hoff

Does being productive mean living a life filled with stress and working crazy hours…or is there a way to increase your productivity while also reducing stress and having time for other parts of your life?

Many serious business owners assume that the more time they work, and the more stressed out they get, the more successful they’ll become. Naphtali Hoff, President of Impactful Coaching & Consulting, suggests that they have it completely backward. An expert on productivity and leadership, Naphtali explains that with the proper strategies and outlook, you can become more productive and more successful by using your time well, rather than by working late hours. Join Meny and Naphtali as they talk about the secrets of productivity, common mistakes that lead to unwarranted stress, learning how to have a closed-door policy, reducing the number of decisions you make every day, how to create a productive daily calendar, and much more. Read more

From Fixing Your Back to Fixing Your Business: The Odyssey of Dr. David Kaplowitz

From Fixing Your Back to Fixing Your Business: The Odyssey of Dr. David Kaplowitz

Why would a chiropractor choose to leave his massively successful practice, and pivot into becoming a renowned marketing expert and coach? Dr. David Kaplowitz was one of Connecticut’s most successful chiropractors, building a practice that brought in over one hundred patients every day. Over time, he left the world of medicine and entered the world of business coaching. By using the lessons he learned during his medical career, alongside the many teachable moments he has experienced ever since. David has become a sought-out and wildly respected coach who works with companies and executives to develop leadership skills and maximize performance. Listen to David’s fascinating conversation with Meny to learn more about his story, the importance of active listening, how to resolve conflicts without undermining your entire business, why you should pay attention to the people who think you’re wrong and much more.

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How Two Minutes Can Ruin Your Day

Knock, knock.

Your employee peeks their head in innocently. “Do you have two minutes?”

OK. It’s just two minutes, you think. “Sure! How can I help you?”

Tell me the truth: How many of you fall for this on a daily basis?

Though the person didn’t intend it to be, this is a trap—and we all know it. Because a second is never a just second. A minute is never just a minute. Even if it were, all those seconds and minutes add up to much more than you might think, in both time and mental headspace.

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We’re here for you.

In these unprecedented times, you, like business owners around the world, are probably uncertain about what steps you should be taking to minimize the effect of the coronavirus crisis on your business, and how to best support your employees and customers during this challenging time.

We want you to know that you’re not alone, and we’re here to support you in any way we can.

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Is Asking for Help a Strength or a Weakness?

By the time he came to me to ask for advice, the only thing left to do was stop the bleeding and get out.

He sat across from me in my office, tears welling up in his eyes. He had invested $400,000 into his new venture, and it wasn’t working. The most painful part of the story? If he had sought advice from someone sooner, he may have been able to turn the situation around, or at least cut his losses.

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The Meeting that Should Have Been an Email

When you hear the word meeting, what’s your gut reaction?

The other day, I was listening to a podcast about productivity where the guest was bemoaning the amount of time that we waste on meetings. Curious if this feeling was the norm, I decided to turn to my LinkedIn community and ask: “When you hear the word ‘meeting,’ what is the first time that comes to mind?”

Well, over 8,000 views and 75 comments later, I got my answer.

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