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Let’s Stop the Negativity!

I like posting inspirational quotes on my twitter feed. These quotes often give me a quick boost of enthusiasm and I enjoy passing along that feeling to others.

So it should come as no surprise that I recently posted the following line: “Far too many people have no idea what they can do, because all they’ve been told is what they can’t do.”

It did come as a surprise to me, though, when a prominent media publication reposted the above quote. While I was pleasantly amazed, I was also slightly perplexed. Why would they feel the need to repost a quote from Meny Hoffman? But after thinking about it for a few moments, the answer became obvious.

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The LTB Video Library Is Now Open

There’s a bewildering question that is often asked by business owners, employees, entrepreneurs – people of all backgrounds and industries. The inquiry is:

“What’s the one thing I can do to see a positive change my career?”

I know that’s a loaded question. But it’s one that our good friend, Charlie Harary, answered beautifully at LTB 2014.

After viewing the above video of Charlie, be sure to check out the entire LTB Video Library.

You’ll get access to powerful, content-driven, ready-to-use topics from North America’s top corporate experts. So many businesspeople have already benefited from the LTB Video Library. Will you be counting yourself among them?

So Tell Me, What’s New?

I just came across a fascinating article on CNET that I wanted to share with you.

Formally known as The CNET 100 Leaderboard, this eye-opening commentary chronicles the 100 hottest hi-tech products sold this month. A quick look at some of these items – ranging from the HP OfficeJet 8600 printer to the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone to the Nikon D5300 digital camera – really got me thinking.

Why are these objects selling so quickly? Don’t people already own printers and phones and cameras? What’s with the remarkably high demand for so many clone-like products already owned by nearly every human on the planet?

The answer, of course, lies within ourselves.

The Myth of Multitasking: How “Doing it All” Gets Nothing Done

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, then you’ve probably worn all the hats and been the Jack (or Jill) of All Trades. You’ve worked the impossible hours, forgotten the meaning of “work-life balance”  and juggled never-ending to-do lists with the hope that the hard work would pay off and translate into a plump bottom line.

So, how do you break the vicious cycle and achieve success?

Successful business owners come to the realization that trying to do it all will get you nowhere – or at least nowhere special – fast.

But the most successful business owners take that realization to the next level by asking: “What action steps can I take to break the cycle and leverage my team and resources for the best results?”

A sought-after author, speaker and business coach, Dave Crenshaw is the master of helping business owners triumph over the chaos holding them back from reaching the goals that they work so hard to achieve.

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Could your small business use a big brand strategy?

Here’s an idea to wrap your head around: Your entire company should be seen as your branding department.

That’s what Gerry O’Brion wants you to think about.

After spending his career developing killer marketing strategies for billion dollar brands like Proctor and Gamble and Coors Brewing Company, Gerry O’Brion realized something.

You might not have the same marketing mega-budget as the corporate big fish…but that doesn’t mean you can’t use their brand strategies to grow your business.

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LTB 2014 Title Sponsor: Fidelity Payment Services

Amex, Visa, MasterCard…these are synonyms for “convenience.” Customers love the convenience of credit cards, and so do you.

Joining us once again as Title Sponsor at the upcoming LTB 2014… is the legendary Fidelity Payment Services. Heralded as one of the largest electronic payment providers in North America, Fidelity Payment Services are in the business of convenience.

Fidelity has garnered a sterling reputation for providing an array of different payment services that go well beyond typical credit card processing.

Ask a Fidelity agent what truly distinguishes the company and the reply will be instantaneous: “We’ve got your back.”

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First and foremost, allow me to address the obvious: the headline of this article is admittedly an absurd, presumptuous question.

I’m going to LTB 2014 because I work at Ptex Group.

My company is the one hosting, coordinating, arranging, scheduling, promoting and otherwise laying out big bucks to make this event a reality. I consider this affiliation yet another feather in my moderately worn, sometimes sweaty, slightly weather-beaten corporate cap.

Plus it gives me some really cool bragging rights.

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Do you find social events physically exhausting?

Would you rather spend your daily breaks at the office solo, as opposed to than chatting up co-workers over lukewarm cups of coffee?

Does the idea of raising your hand to ask a question at LTB 2014 make you squirm?

News flash, my friend: You’re probably an introvert… and you’re not alone.

Please don’t take offense. Most people make the mistake of viewing the “introvert” label negatively. If a colleague calls you an introvert, you might assume that they think you’re painfully shy or antisocial. It’s true that introverts maybe shy. But they can also be outgoing at times, have many friends, and even possess superb social skills.

That begs the question – what exactly makes an introvert an introvert?

Plain and simple, introverts are energized by being alone. Quite literally, their energy is drained by being around others. They tend to be “thinkers” with an active inner world of swirling thoughts and feelings. After schmoozing with peers or prospective clients at a networking event, they need time alone to recharge.

Can you relate?

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