a passionate bunch.

We’re slightly bipolar and completely obsessive. We take stakes in your business and make mistakes in ours. Our big ears are dwarfed by even bigger ideas.

The Power of X

It’s the force of a team of thinkers and tinkerers, doers and go-getters, bringing an unrivaled, powerhouse approach to help your business flourish. It’s the power of four points coalescing to get. things. done.

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Printing & Design
  • Web & Digital
  • Office & Call Center

Yiddishe Kups at work

  • Yoel Feldman

  • Moshe Indig

  • Elke Taussig

  • Devoiry Goldman

  • Wolf Eisenbach

  • Yides Goldberger

  • Devora Leah Halberstam

  • Shlomo Grossman

  • Miri Feinstein

  • Eliezer Weinberger

  • Yossi Hoffman

  • Roizy Salamon

  • Tuli Weill

  • Yaffa Eichler

  • Rochel Esty Lunger

  • Miriam Pluczenik

  • Meny Hoffman

  • Leiby Beilus


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Company Ethos

If we listened any better we'd be psychologists.

  • and six other values that we live by.
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    Join our team of talented tinkerers and savvy schemers, big thinkers and grand dreamers. Check out our open listings to claim your spot on the Ptex family tree.

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    It’s the reflection of rougher drafts, the magnificent product of later nights. Clear your schedule and behold some of our work.

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    From time management tips to employee empowerment, check out the latest practical pointers and midday musings our team has cooked up.


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