Company Ethos

A spark of inspiration is at the heart of every successful venture

Our vision is one in which every business leader who has a breakthought 'Aha! moment', experiences the consummate thrill of bringing that moment to life.

  • Expert Listeners

    Ethos No. 1

    If we listened any better we’d be psychologists

    Two Ears. One Mouth. We use them in that order, and in that proportion.

    We believe that in order to arrive at the right answers, we need to ask the right questions. Only then can we use our expertise to scratch beneath the visible surface and get to the heart of the matter. We also take the time to understand what our clients need, so we can give them exactly that — no more and no less.

  • Creative Thinkers

    Ethos No. 2

    Magicians & merrymakers

    More often than not, a little bit of creativity takes the “im” out of impossible.

    Nothing great has ever been achieved by those who are afraid to challenge the status quo. Which is why we analyze every project to see how and where creativity and innovation can improve the bottom line.

  • Obsession Over Detail

    Ethos No. 3

    Every micro is macro

    While we’re focused on the big picture, we’re sweating every detail.

    The success of every project is the sum of its parts. If market-driven strategy is a project’s engine, a precise execution is the fuel that gets you there. At Ptex, we take our P's very seriously: proactivity, punctuality, perfectionism, and precision, because coming up short in never an option.

  • True Courage

    Ethos No. 4

    Into the deep end

    It takes integrity and courage to speak up, when what you’d much rather do is shut up.

    Tactfully, mindfully, and respectfully, we speak our minds, and keep the lines of communication flowing. With honesty and transparency, we speak up, lift each other up, and help each other grow.

  • team of individuals

    Ethos No. 5

    Individual identity; Shared purpose

    We’re all in this together, but we assume responsibility individually.

    We harness the power of teamwork to accomplish together what no individual possibly could. But we hold ourselves accountable as individuals, after making sure our personal responsibilities are clear and understood.

  • partners vs. vendors

    Ethos No. 6

    Skin in the game

    We’re partners, not just service providers. The difference? We take it personally.

    Judging by the passion and commitment we bring to every project, you’d think we had an equity stake in our clients’ ventures. We do. We’re investing our heart and soul, and that makes us partners in their success. We don’t ask to share in the profits, but we get to bask in the glory of their every achievement.

  • Tangible results

    Ethos No. 7

    Brain Tank

    These next few lines are the core of what we do, and we mean that quite literally.

    Contained in the walls around you are two types of people, right brainers and left brainers. Content Vs. Code. Science Vs. Spirit. Around these tables and across our screens we bring those two forces together to move; people, products, and earnings. No matter the vehicle or medium we use, the core, the goal is tangible measurable results.

Champions of the beating entrepreneurial heart